Monday, September 14, 2009

Michael Tuthill

Please post your comments and stories about Mikey. We love you all and please know how much Michael loved his friends. Thank you all for your support during this very difficult time for our family.


  1. I remember you as an adventurous little dude.....always trying to show me how strong you were...

    I was very upset and sorry to get the news.....

    I will miss you and my condolences and best wishes to your wonderful family......

    Matthew Gebhardt

  2. I remember the many nights of babysitting filled with Kraft Mac and Cheese with extra milk, swinging on the rings in your basement over the beam, playing in the secret hideout you and "kissa" made, and the night you first asked me for "privacy" while you got your pull-up and jammies on:)

    I will miss you Mikey....

    Sarah Gebhardt

  3. Mike:

    A stand up kid who I truly admire for his heartfelt passion and dedication towards everything he did in life. Mike's uncanny ability to meet great friends and be an extremely outgoing and awesome person is something that is rare these days. Mike exemplified these wonderdul qualities with ease. As one of the smartest and most fun-loving friends I have ever had, my heart goes out to his great family and closest friends during this very hard time. You'll always be here with us buddy. "Intramural Champs FOREVER." Paz & Amor,

    Nick Corona

  4. I remember the good times up in vail. Seeing you do crazy things on the slopes that I thought only crazy people would and you pulling it off with ease. Then driving back up to the house with your van packed and you spinning donuts in the empty parking lot, everyone flying around and you with a big grin the entire time.
    Most of all I'm gonna miss asking Karissa about everything you have been up to and hearing her get all excited when she talks about you.
    She looked up to her little brother and know she loves you like crazy and is going to miss you.
    I'm gonna miss you to Mike.

    Cooper Overstreet

  5. Titties,

    Can't believe you're gone buddy. It was great getting to know you this year dood, bringing home that intramural championship. You're gone too soon man, but you won't soon be forgotten. ONe of the nicest kids I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You'll be missed.


  6. Mike,

    This is very hard for me to write. You were by far one of my best friends the last two and a half years. Including school, work, sports, and hanging out, I think I spent more time with you than basically anyone I know. You made being a computer scientist a lot more fun that in would have been without you. You made work a lot more fun that in would have been without you. You made life a lot more fun than it would have been without you. You were a model friend.... selfless, truly caring, fun, and happy. I always cared about you, and I knew you cared about me (which is a characteristic of you that I don't undervalue). Your work ethic at school, work, and life always impressed me and there is definitely no one I would have rather spent my time working on projects with. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing you was lucky. I love you man, and miss you already.

    Please rest in peace.


  7. Michael,

    My dad just a week ago asked me who I have the most fun with and without hesitation I of course said..MIKE!! You always had a smile on your face and could make any moment the most memorable. There really isn't enough room anywhere to say all the great things I enjoyed about you. You truely are the most friendly, caring, funny, athletic, special STUD there is.

    Thank you for all the great memories playing tennis, hiking, all the sports you made me play, getting lunch, and just making me laugh and smaile all the time.

    You were always the first person I called before I got on the plane for Colorado and when I got off because I couldn't wait to see you. The last time I was with you, I remember you tried to take Whit's snuggie and walk around Denver with it and just kept giving me those amazing bear hugs. Such a joy with you always.

    I will love you forever!


  8. Mike,
    It has been such a long time since I've seen you-when I think of you I still think of the little kid with freckles running around Nana and Grampy's camp with us during summers at Worthley instead of the grown up college senior getting ready to start life on his own. I wish so much that we had gotten to spend more time together, because I would have loved to have known you as an adult too.
    My favorite memory of you is from summer a long, long time ago when we were all at the Moontide Water Festival in Rumford. They were going to be doing a dedication to Grampy later on that night, and we were selling Carrabassett water at a little booth near the falls. You, Chis, Nick, Bess and I were yelling "Come and get your Carrabassett Spring Water" to people as they walked by, and they were all laughing at us because we had those silly Dr. Seuss hats on our heads. You by far got the most people to stop, though-with your big smile and making them laugh by acting silly. Even though we hadn't seen each other for a while, I am so proud to call you my family and you will be greatly missed. In our hearts always. Love, Katie

  9. Mike (titties),

    You were an amazing person, so generous and thoughtful. A guy that had so many talents, but humble at the same time. We have so many memories together, so I thought I would share some of my favorite memories we had together.

    One of my favorites is when I walked down to our house on Grandview (when I lived up the street) and I woke you and Finlay up at 4:00 in the morning and asked if you could act like you played hockey, so you could join the team on our trip to Florida. You were spontaneous, as usual, popped right up and put your flip flops in a duffle bag and we were off to the airport. We had an absolute blast calling people the next morning and informing them that you and Finlay were in Florida. And then you were an awesome sport the entire trip, cheering us on, getting the stick bags, hanging out in the locker room, and making fun of my weird coach with me.

    Then there was the night that I slipped on ice and broke my leg. Everyone else told me to sleep it off and I would be ok, but you demanded to take me to the hospital in the middle of the night, waited with me, and then helped me steal the wheelchair (shh). You took me to get crutches, and gave me rides to all of my classes. You were always such a good friend to me.

    Then there was the time that I got jumped in the Bahamas (when I had my broken leg) and you were there to stand up for me. And it was there when we were laying by the pool that we decided to come up with a story for why everyone calls you titties, and we went back and forth telling this made up story, and it turned out to be perfect.

    And when we were sent home from the Bahamas, we decided that we should drive to Arizona and spend the rest of our spring break there. It was just you and me in the car for 14 hours (one way), we drove through a dust storm, a thunderstorm, a snowstorm, fire, animals, and then we nearly ran out of gas in the middle of the night on the highway. The whole time you kept us in good spirits telling jokes, and being happy.

    Your sense of humor was classic, your jokes priceless, and your smile made me smile. I will remember you always.

    Love you man,


  10. Had the pleasure of meeting Mike on our visits to Colorado while seeing our daughter Emily. On our first visit the big guy eagerly helped me buy a huge tv, throw it in a friends jeep, and carry it up to emi's room; never could have done it with out him. I want to thank Mike and his parents for the smiles and friendship, including tennis lessons, and mountain hiking (helping her over come her fears of climbing the flatirons) that Mike shared with emily. Mike is with out question one of the truly nicest young adults we've met and we appeciate very much the positive impact you've had on our daughters life.

  11. Oh Mike,

    I am gonna miss you brother. I have so many memories all the way from high school until very recent. From late night tennis at foothills to the hard rock cafe in the dorms to just recently sitting with you to cheer on the hopeless buffaloes against our in state rivals from up north. The two stories that just keep running through my mind are both from high school.

    You had received a large number of stickers from your employer known as MBS mountain boards. Most people would probably just toss them aside and use them if they ever saw fit, but not you. No you decided it would be fun to stick them all over the school, which it was. With a little help from some people we had that school virtually covered in MBS stickers, you couldn't walk five feet anywhere in the school without seeing at least one. I think we even stuck some on cars in the parking lot. Now when the administration started catching on, it took a while because they were a little slow, they decided they didn't really like the new school decorations and made you take them all down you spent the rest of that school day taking down what had to have been 1000 or so stickers spread across the entire school with a little help from friends. I still think about that somewhat often.

    The other one that is deeply ingrained in my brain is from when Brandon Shchwartz passed away. You and I decided we should do something and decided to create something that would commemorate his passing and also hopefully keep kids from drinking and driving. So along with Brandon's dad we came up with the slogan PROMISE and stamped it on some green jelly bracelets similar to LIVESTRONG bracelets. We decided to presell the bracelets at school and needless to say, they were a hit and I believe we sold many many more than expected, and all the proceeds were donated to the scholarship fund. That is just the kind of person you were Mike, you always wanted to use your creativity in a positive way to help others.

    You were never really good for a laugh but always good for many. You and Tim were some of the most imaginative and innovative people I have ever met; building a rock climbing wall and a mountain boarding jump that was featured in a mountain boarding video. You even built a ski skate so you could ski on pavement.

    Ok, I think I should give someone else a turn now. Anyway, I hope you are having fun kicking it up there in heaven with Mr Schwartz and friends.

    I love you and miss you always,

    Brad Edelberg

  12. Titties,

    Believe it or not you were one of the first people I met after moving to Colorado for college. I didn't know you as Titties yet, but rather "Move in Mike" for demonstrating your excellent moving skills helping one Ms. Ali Dukes. I remember you riding over to visit us in Baker on the infamous purple vespa... you were one of the most genuinely kind human beings I've ever met. Little did I know our friendship would continue to evolve into a whole new circle of friends - the one which knew you as Titties.

    There are so many memories, it's hard to pick a favorite. Obviously one of my favorite memories is how you got that nickname. (Cabo Spring Break '06 WOOO!) Aaandd dancing to soulja boy in your old house (you had the moves memorized shockingly well!)When my little brother came to visit me at college, I'd leave him with you, knowing you'd show him a good time.

    You were always one of the most intelligent, fun-loving, and most importantly, caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were taken from us to soon, and I know you are missed by all of us. My thoughts are with your family.

    Love you,

    Kira Pollard-Lipkis

  13. Mike, we are so proud to have shared a special friendship with you and the entire wonderful Tuthill family. We are especially grateful for Tripper to have had opportunities to share in your incredible enthusiasm and zest for life. He really enjoyed all the fun times you guys had together and will always treasure the memories.

    We will forever cherish your genuine smile in our aching hearts.

    Much love, we will miss you!

    The Dickson's

  14. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for having been such a great cousin to Marieke, Aletta and Brendan.

    They would come back from Colorado with stories about the ski challenges with Mike.
    It gave me some more grey hairs but it was with a smile.
    I saw lots of caring in that tall body of yours,a sincere smile and lots of love for your family.
    Pictures show pretzel poses with all cousins
    with Christmas.
    What can I say...that was Mike
    I was lucky to have had you as a nephew and I will always keep you in my heart.
    Will never forget you.

    Jantina Tuthill

  15. Tuthill, I miss you so much. You were my best friend throughout college. I think I hung out with you more than anyone else. You were always down for doing something fun. I will cherish the times you and I spent going to the Goose just to play Photo Hunt. We were the best, but could never beat Justin's high scores. You had the greatest sense of humor that I loved. We exchanged so many good videos, pictures, and stories that I would get the biggest kick out of. I don't know who to send that stuff to now. I loved sharing a floor with you and Justin at Grandview. Remember, making YOUR bed does brighten your day. You always made that house fun. I still crack up about when you lowered the shower cutain to waist level so you could talk to people while you showered. Or when you switched the door and the shower curtain, haha. You wore Finlay's kilt to the driving range for you first time playing golf. I was telling your sister, all of my greatest stories from college involve you. I always wanted to hang out with you cause you were such a fun loving guy. You made friends with everyone. My family and friends back home were devestated by your passing. These friends were people that only met you on brief visits. That's how special of a guy you were. You impacted their lives with your passion and love. These are the qualities you had that I will never forget. We never got to finish recording any of our songs we wrote either, haha. I really need to get the video of you singing "My Heart Will Go On" at the CU Idol auditions. I know you were still waiting for your callback for the finals... a year later. You always lived your life to the fullest and never cared what other people thought of you. Man you had style! Remember at my graduation party when you were walking around with my grandma's purse with my picture on it. My last memory with you was you dancing at the concert in Chicago. It was great being together with you, Ori, Creamer and Sammy one last time. I miss playing rocks, having rooftime, going out to dinner when you got a paycheck, riding in the back of your van, dressing you in JBs clothes, playing dumb computer games, getting your texts everyday...I will never forget your laugh, your enthusiasm, your smile and our friendship. You were always there for me. I will always remember you. I will always carry you with me. You will live on with us. YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you for everything bud.


  16. Mike,

    I had the pleasure of hanging out with you a couple times a year for almost as far back as I can remember. Each time no matter how brief was loaded with fun. Its hard to pick any one memory over the rest, but one story in particular keeps coming across my mind and makes me smile.

    We were both in high school and you had come down to visit us in Louisiana. Somehow we conviced our dads to let us go down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a group of my friends from home. Fully expecting you to be a fish out water so far from home, I soon got a glimpse of what made you Mike Tuthill.

    Within an hour of walking the streets, one of my hot-headed friends (your acquaintance of 15 minutes) had started an altercation with a group of older guys on a balcony above us. As they ran down to the street, without hesitation you changed shirts with him so that he could escape in disguise. Of course they imediately recognized the shirt and mistakenly came after you. You were off to the races and fortunately they were not expecting to be chasing an athletic, sober 17 year old and soon gave up. When I finally caught up with you I half expected you to be in a state of panic demanding that I take you home imediately. I vividly remember you turning to me with a grin from ear to ear and asking if your partner in crime managed as well as you did. From that moment on, I am quite confident my friends preferred your company to mine.

    That's the kind of guy you were. It took 10 minutes of being around you and you might as well have known you for 10 years. You had a rare ability with people and the most genuinely likeable personality I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Your presence alone seemed to draw smiles wherever you went. As a friend, you cannot be replaced.
    My thoughts are with all the Tuthills.

    Mike - I won't get on a ski slope or hit the water on a kiteboard without thinking of you one step ahead of me.


  17. Dear Tuthill Family -
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sara and Scotty Newell

  18. Mike was my first friend I met at school. During the first moments of my college experience Mike and I became friends during orientation. I enjoyed the notion that it was superb that I had maintained friendship throughout the next four years with an individual that I had met so early on, but I now realize that much is the way with life, that this was not by a stroke of luck , more so fate. For Mike, in a deeply poetic or richly comedic sense represents that which I love about my time spent in Colorado and at the University. A heroic symbol mike will forever be to me, a friend he has always been and will always remain. He has helped me in more ways than he ever knew, or that I could ever begin to explain.

      Mike is part of so many great memories. Our time spent together when we first became friends at the Kittredge Country Club was pure hilarity. His sense of humor was what drew me to him initially, Mike has a laugh uniquely his own and I heard it many a time during the dorm days. He had the only triple bunk bed I've ever seen, however Finlay, Ali and Mike made that work I'll never know, I believe it was also Mike who installed the screen door in their dorm room ... a handy and oddly creative man indeed. But also a courageous man, Mike bravely crossed the duck pond whilst it was coated with but a thin sheet of ice. He stood boldly in the face of danger and certain judicial repercussions from on looking, cowardly RA's. Mike always carried himself with great pride, humility and common decency. Once while Mike was streaking a fellow student, whom Mike had gingerly passed by, revealed his personal insecurities through an array of boring insults, customary to a homophobic and shallow person. Mike, being the bigger man in stature and integrity, reacted by attempting to diffuse the negativity through a gentlemanly shake of the hand and a brotherly hug. A lesser man may not have risen above the unprovoked harassment ... or have been nude in public to begin with. Proud, chivalrous and never apprehensive to fun and excitement, that is how I remember Mike.

      There are countless other stories that pay tribute to Mike's wonderful sense oh humor, his contagious energy and fun personality. However, his exceptionally bold character was truly brought to life through his fierce competitive attitude, fondness for athletics and extreme sports, and his adventurous and exploratory nature. I'll never fully comprehend the level of mental strength Mike possessed - I have only heard stories of his travels. I wish I could have accompanied Mike on one of his excursions, for Mike is a tremendous leader and someone I would give my ultimate trust and faith to.

      Cont ...

  19. Cont ...

    My greatest experience in all of my time spent in College was thanks to Mike. Playing for Tuthill's Team was an honor. Athletics have defined who I am more than anything else. They are and have always been much more than a healthy activity or a fun game, I know Mike felt the same way. In my darker days, I could always count on Mike to inform me about a sport to be played. Playing sports with Mike was an escape from, at times, a despairing reality. It was alleviation from physical, mental and emotional hardships I struggled through. And, when life was good there was nothing better than getting together with our friends, competing and having fun playing games. Mike would take no excuses for missing any sporting event; I thankfully never had one for him. I put playing sports with Mike above all else ... and I truly mean it. No overburdening amount of school work could keep me from joining Mike. I ditched out and showed up late to my job, I lied to my girlfriend and I inappropriately left important meetings early just to play on Tuthill's team. This was never tiresome, I honestly wish I could have played more sports with Mike, and with my deepest sincerity I do not ever regret having stood by Mike's side to play sports, no matter how "irresponsible" it may have been avoiding my other endeavors .

    My heart aches tremendously for never letting him know how truly and greatly appreciative I am for all the effort he put forth in making athletic opportunities happen. I believe he did this out of pure love for sports and the camaraderie that came with. Mike has helped me realize that sports are deeply metaphoric for life itself - You must be able to rely and trust those close to you, competition will relentlessly tear at you, hard work rewards itself, and do not be afraid of defeat, yet ... accepting loss always hurts ... But, most importantly ... it is an exhilarating pleasure and filled with endless excitement. It is fun. It is a game which is always better to be enjoyed with friends and family. Love the life you play.

    His strength, work ethic, confidence and fearlessness is something I idolize. His loyalty, honesty and selflessness is what makes him more of a brother than friend. I am beyond privileged to have known him.

    I will share one last experience. On the night I found out of his passing, I did not sleep and when the sun rose I despondently continued on with the scheduled plan for hiking. Overwhelming emotions suffocated my consciousness. I pushed the limits of my physical endurance to match that of my mental state. When I reached the summit, the sun burned, my lungs gasped for air, my mouth was dry and sweat stung my eyes. My muscles ached with great intensity from the climb. It seemed if though all worldly elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth, were against me. I thought of Mike. In that timeless moment, I reminisced and entered a peaceful state of mind, I caught my balance by leaning against a rock, sipped a cool drink of water, took a deep breathe and stared into the warm sun. I thought of Mike and I was reminded of life's eternal nature of infinite harmony and balance. Mike is not with me in a physical sense, but always a part of me in spirit.

    With Love and Peace
    -Nick Johansson

  20. driving to wolf creek in a complete blizzard, biking up and down vail, epic powder days, rafting browns canyon, flying kites at eagleview, sliding rails you built at Tims house, and of course the late night adventures in the hot tub, haha. Mike you are legendary. you pushed me so much, and always encouraged me to try everything i could. mike you always hucked everything first. you embodied the qualities i most admire in a man: courage, kindness, and humor. i will never forget the impact you had on my life, and will constantly relay stories to new people i meet about you. Mike there is no way to forget you.
    thank you Mike
    -Brian Harrison

  21. Michael,
    I don’t think words can truly express what a wonderful person you were. You had the ability to make anyone smile. You had the biggest heart out of anyone I know and so much love to give. I can’t thank you enough for all the kindness you have showed me over the years including taking naps with me while I was sick, coming to my rescue and jumping my car, countless piggy backs when I was too lazy to walk, and making sure you talked to me over the phone while I walked home alone.
    So many of the best moments of my life include you and I will be forever grateful to you for that. What I’ll remember best about you are just all the silly little moments we shared together. I’ll remember our late night waffle feasts, dancing like idiots together on the stage at the goose, playing Text Twist, giving you probably the worst hair cut of your life, and hundreds of movie nights. One of my favorite memories of you is from just a few weeks ago when you came to visit me and decided to take it upon yourself to take over for the RTD guard and check everyone’s tickets on the light rail. Any other person doing that would have been yelled at, but the entire train couldn’t help but laugh while watching you make your way down the aisle, yelling “Tickets, tickets”, with a big, goofy grin on your face.
    I am so happy that I was able to grow even closer to you over the past few months. You are one of the best friends I have ever had and I am so lucky to have had you in my life. I miss that big smile, your kisses and big bear hugs, but more than anything I just miss hearing your voice every day. I miss you every moment of every day.
    Love you with all of my heart,

  22. Mikey

    As a parent of one of your good buds, my stories are different, but equally as memorable.

    OK, we're not supposed to have favorites...but you were my favorite friend of Charlie! I'm an adventurer myself...and your love for outdoor pursuits and stories about your family and travels fascinated me. You were "one of the family" when you accompanied us on trips. Better than the family actually, because you were always agreeable, talked to me and helped keep things tidy.

    So.... the trip to the Bahamas didn't end so well, but I enjoyed watching you kite surf and play games on the beach until you all acted like toddlers and were sent home early. Of course we didn't WANT to send you guys home, cause you were so much fun to have around, but felt it was our parental duty to teach you all a lesson! I felt SO TERRIBLE that you're spring break was ruined, and then I discover that you and Charlie just moved on to a new destination! You let nothing get you down!! A week later I got a two page letter from you (first written apology EVER from a "kid".) I love how you apologized...but totally defended your side of the altercation. It said something like "I'm sorry I beat up that kid, but I would do it again to protect my friend!" You were just looking out for your friend, the you always do! I am the one who learned a lesson!

    Telluride....what can I guys are crazy! I guess I am too...because I broke my ankle and rib just trying to catch up to you!

    I, like many, am broken-hearted. My prayers are with you and your family. You will be greatly missed!

    Lynn McKeague

  23. Mike,

    There will not be a day that goes by that I will not be thinking about you. You were the greatest friend. I know we will meet again some time soon and that you are looking down on us. Thank you for making such a great impact on my life. I don't know how I will get through it all without thinking and saying to myself, "What would Mike do in this situation or what would Mike want me to do".

    The last person I saw when I left Colorado to visit 2 weekends ago was you. We literally spent 5 days straight together. I do not think I laughed that hard in my life. The whole weekend I had a smile on my face and it was because of you. No matter the situation you always seemed to make it a better one. For example, this past spring break you Dane Jake and I road tripped to your place in South Padre, Texas and we took my truck. Unfortunately, half way through the trip back, my transmission blew and we were contemplating whether to sell my truck, get on a flight out, have your ma come pick us up, or just say the heck with it and start driving. We decided to say the heck with it and drove off after a 5 hour delay. The truck at times wouldn't go faster than 10 mph, but we stuck with it, you stuck with it. In all the trip took over 40 hours which is double the amount of time it should have taken us, but that didn't matter to us. We made it back all because of you. I will never forget that trip or the many memories we have together. You taught me so many things Mike, but one main thing was to sit back, relax, and enjoy life to the fullest.

    The first day I met you, you moved all my things into our house together. The second day you took me to your house in Vail. I felt like I knew you before I met you because that is the way you are. You were always helping someone.

    Yaaa Knowww. I'm gona go play some puck. Fubar. Green Street Hooligans. Riding your bike down the Engineering school stairs and calling me every time you did it. Random texts about anything and everything.

    My list of memories goes on forever.

    I love you brother.

    On My Way.

    Thank you for everything bud. I will be here for anything at all.


    Anthony Ori

  24. Mike~
    You were such an amazing and caring person and I feel truly blessed to have had you has my friend. I will always remember the fun we had together, especially freshman year at CU. You had the best sense of humor and you always found a way to make me laugh. I loved all of the practical jokes you played like putting hundreds of Dixie cups full of water on the hallway floor in the girl’s dorm so that they couldn’t get out of their rooms, reversing the peep holes in the dorm doors so that people could see in to the rooms but couldn’t see out, duck taping mine and Becky’s dorm door shut, and (my personal favorite) when you took the table and chairs out of the dorm common area in the middle of the night and put them on to the frozen pond at Kitridge. I remember walking to class that morning and laughing so hard when I saw that. It got even better when the pond started to melt and the table and chairs sank to the bottom of the pond.
    I also remember the day Becky and I tried to get you back for all the practical jokes you played on us, and how it failed horribly. I knew you were lactose intolerant so Becky and I decided to sneak some regular milk in your cereal. We left the cafeteria laughing to ourselves, thinking of the next few wonderful hours you were going to endure. Later that night, your roommate called us saying that he had to take you to the hospital because you were extremely sick. Needless to say, Becky and I felt terrible. Little did we know that you were actually in your dorm room, healthy as a horse, and getting us back for our joke. We were getting ready to go to the hospital when you and your roommate knocked on our door, laughing at our stupidity. Never again did I try to mess with you.
    I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to you like this. I miss you so much. You were truly an incredible person and I will think of you always.
    Love, Ashley

  25. Mike,
    I feel so lucky to have known you. I can remember you as a very young and funny guy. Like the times I was with you and your family, camping at Columbia River Gorge (you were about 10). In the evening you would pop out of the RV with one of your sisters' songs playing, jump up on the picnic table and do a performance until your folks and I were laughing so hard our sides hurt.

    I can also remember how you could make any situation fun and funny. On other RV trips from Colorado to either the gorge or South Padre Island you would fill up a balloon before we left home just to see it almost pop going over the mountain passes and almost completely deflate at sea level.

    And what an athlete you became! You were one of the best young windsurfers, skiers, snowboarder and kiteboarders around (I'm sure I missed a sport or two). I got to see you go from a little kid that could not keep up to a guy that could kick all of our butts at all of our sports.

    And with all of that you never took yourself too seriously. You were even willing to be a belly dancer with your sisters at a very fun party we all had recently in Maui. (my favorite part of the party)

    I also got to see you as a wonderful young man. Like so many others I am so very sad you are gone. I will miss you and your ability to lighten any situation and show us what it was like to be young and full of adventure.

    It sucks that you're gone! It's just not fair to say the least.

    With great sadness,
    Mike Bauer

  26. I'm sorry I cant make the service. My thoughts and prayers are always with you Mike. I miss you so much brother, you don't know how badly I wanna play a lil pigskin on Tuthill's team right about now. So many things remind me of you, and that always brings a smile to my face.
    Lots of love,
    Nick jo

  27. Just watched this for the first time in a long time, and it made me laugh just as hard: ... Titties always was quite the jokester.

    Mike's family - yesterday's service couldn't have been more beautiful. What an incredible day. Our thoughts are always with you guys.