Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mikey

I apologize there has been so few blogs in the past year. When I started this blog I hoped it would serve as a way to unite those who love Michael, but I have found it incredibly difficult to look at pictures of Mike...much less this blog. I think avoidance might be a new step for me in this whole grief thing. As time has went on, Michael's death has actually became harder, not easier, to think about. I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to blog about it. I didn't want to accept it.

I think the person I want to apologize to most though is my brother. I have never been a spiritual person, but over the past few months I have slowly seen a shift in myself. I am now certain that my brother has been lying the same shirt (the light blue quicksilver one) of his on the floor in our basement for the past few months. Every time we fold it back up and put it safely on the shelves, it ends up back on the floor unfolded.

There has been a few other occurrences that make it hard to deny that Michael is not still with us. I want to apologize to Mike, because I know that he is trying to tell us "Hey! I am still here! I don't want you guys to be sad and I want to continue to be part of you and your life! I love you so please pick me up and bring me back into your lives!"

Ok, I know this all might sound a little bizarre, but this is Titties we are talking about here. If you have avoided thinking of Michael or Michael's death I encourage you to create your own ritual to bring his smile, love and passion back into your life. Maybe you pour a shot of whiskey for him tonight and put it next to his picture. Or maybe you just take a moment to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday. Whatever it is, I truly believe creating a ritual to do on his birthday or even better... everyday to show him you love him and that he has not been forgotten will help both you and my brother.

We love you Michael. Happy Birthday

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Mikey it has been one year...or one long long day as a good friend put it. One thing I can tell you is that we only miss you more and more everyday. I know it would hurt you so much to see our pain, but I am confident you would be so proud of what your family and friends have accomplished despite their grief.

After taking a semester off, Kailey returned to school in New Orleans to play for the Loyola volleyball team and do very well in school. I am still working for GE, but I'm working from home and doing exactly what I want with my free you always wanted me to. Mom has been so incredibly strong for all of us and has even saved two adorable puppies that bring us lots of laughter. Dad trained for and finished the Copper Triangle ride you always used to do. Right now he is in Alaska...he knew you would want him to go on a adventure.

I know all your friends are doing amazing things and keeping your spirit alive.

If any of you would like to share with us how Mike has touched your life or what you are up to, please post on the blog or send us an email at

The one thing we ask you to do is please remember Michael, the unique relationship you had with him and what he brought to your life. Even if you never had the opportunity to meet him, please keep him in your heart and help us keep his spirit alive.

Lots of Love,

Tuthill Family

Photos of Mikey.

Mike, KK and K - Younger Years

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love you Mom


Thank you so much for being the most compassionate, inspiring and amazing Mom ever. I mean really! Who can say their Mom does this....

OR can dance with a smile like this!!

Or can teach their children to Live, Laugh & Love like this...

Love you Mom.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Survived another one of Mike's favorite days. Some of my favorites are when he filled a 1,000 dixie cups with water and blocked the girls from getting to their dorm bathroom when they woke up the next morning. Or when he put a dorm table and chairs in the middle of a frozen pond and made it look like someone had been out there enjoying a cup of coffee and the morning paper. I heard the students were quite perplexed on their way to class the next morning and the RAs not excited about retrieving the missing furniture. Another favorite, one of his friends shared with me, is when he duck taped two of his girl friends inside their dorm room. I sure do miss getting proud pix messages of the outcomes of his different pranks. I know those of you that knew Mike might also have a favorite Mike joke ...please share if you do.

Blog for Mike -

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mike: Forver In Our Hearts

Wanted to share this really nice rock memorial that our cousins Katie Warren and Bess Milligan created for Mike.

They went back two weeks later and the rocks had not been touched by anyone.

Thanks & Love you both this meant a lot to us.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mikey's Birthday

Today (January 27th) is Michael’s birthday. Every day without Michael is a struggle and today for us, and I am sure for many others, will be one of the hardest. As a family we would like to thank all of the wonderful friends and family that have been there for us and continue to lend their support and compassion.

We lost Mike to one of those strange Sudden Cardiac Arrests that seem to affect so many healthy young men. Sudden Cardiac Death is not a "heart attack" or myocardial infarction caused by clogged arteries. It's an electrical problem in which the cardiac conduction system that generates the impulses regulating the heart suddenly puts out rapid or chaotic electrical impulses, or both. The heart ceases its rhythmic contractions, and the brain is starved of oxygen. Michael had an underlying and undiagnosed abnormality with his heart, which acted as a trigger to his Sudden Cardiac Death.

As we mentioned above, the loss has devastated all of us, and we find it unbelievably hard to talk about Mike. Please understand that at this time none of us are able to reach out to friends and family to discuss the loss and pain. When someone so healthy, strong and full of life dies so young, no explanation is ever sufficient to ease the pain or to make any sense of it.

If you would like to do something in honor of Michael today, we ask that you please make a donation to support the Red Cross and the current efforts to bring relief to the people and children of Haiti. To donate to the Red Cross in tribute of Mike click here. Choose a program, for example “Where the need is greatest” to support the Haiti Relief Fund. If you would like to send a Tribute eCard please use the following e-mail address: A tribute card does not show us the amount you donated only your name and a customized message. Even a donation of 10 dollars makes a huge impact! We know this would have been an organization and cause Mike would have been very compassionate about and proud to have his friends and family support in his memory.

Happy Birthday Mike.

Lots of Love,

Mom, Dad, Karissa & Kailey

The Holidays...A time for peace, love & laughter

After the loss of a loved one, the Holiday Season brings special memories and tender moments of sadness.

We are also reminded of special friends and family like you. Through your love and the love we have for one another, we know that in time the Holidays will once again be filled with hope, peace and joy.

May you keep Michael’s spirit shining bright in your heart. Remember those special moments with him that bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart.

May you be blessed with peace, love and laughter this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year.

Lots of
Bill, Barb, Karissa and Kailey