Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mikey's Birthday

Today (January 27th) is Michael’s birthday. Every day without Michael is a struggle and today for us, and I am sure for many others, will be one of the hardest. As a family we would like to thank all of the wonderful friends and family that have been there for us and continue to lend their support and compassion.

We lost Mike to one of those strange Sudden Cardiac Arrests that seem to affect so many healthy young men. Sudden Cardiac Death is not a "heart attack" or myocardial infarction caused by clogged arteries. It's an electrical problem in which the cardiac conduction system that generates the impulses regulating the heart suddenly puts out rapid or chaotic electrical impulses, or both. The heart ceases its rhythmic contractions, and the brain is starved of oxygen. Michael had an underlying and undiagnosed abnormality with his heart, which acted as a trigger to his Sudden Cardiac Death.

As we mentioned above, the loss has devastated all of us, and we find it unbelievably hard to talk about Mike. Please understand that at this time none of us are able to reach out to friends and family to discuss the loss and pain. When someone so healthy, strong and full of life dies so young, no explanation is ever sufficient to ease the pain or to make any sense of it.

If you would like to do something in honor of Michael today, we ask that you please make a donation to support the Red Cross and the current efforts to bring relief to the people and children of Haiti. To donate to the Red Cross in tribute of Mike click here. Choose a program, for example “Where the need is greatest” to support the Haiti Relief Fund. If you would like to send a Tribute eCard please use the following e-mail address: mikesfamily13@gmail.com. A tribute card does not show us the amount you donated only your name and a customized message. Even a donation of 10 dollars makes a huge impact! We know this would have been an organization and cause Mike would have been very compassionate about and proud to have his friends and family support in his memory.

Happy Birthday Mike.

Lots of Love,

Mom, Dad, Karissa & Kailey

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