Sunday, September 12, 2010


Mikey it has been one year...or one long long day as a good friend put it. One thing I can tell you is that we only miss you more and more everyday. I know it would hurt you so much to see our pain, but I am confident you would be so proud of what your family and friends have accomplished despite their grief.

After taking a semester off, Kailey returned to school in New Orleans to play for the Loyola volleyball team and do very well in school. I am still working for GE, but I'm working from home and doing exactly what I want with my free you always wanted me to. Mom has been so incredibly strong for all of us and has even saved two adorable puppies that bring us lots of laughter. Dad trained for and finished the Copper Triangle ride you always used to do. Right now he is in Alaska...he knew you would want him to go on a adventure.

I know all your friends are doing amazing things and keeping your spirit alive.

If any of you would like to share with us how Mike has touched your life or what you are up to, please post on the blog or send us an email at

The one thing we ask you to do is please remember Michael, the unique relationship you had with him and what he brought to your life. Even if you never had the opportunity to meet him, please keep him in your heart and help us keep his spirit alive.

Lots of Love,

Tuthill Family

Photos of Mikey.

Mike, KK and K - Younger Years

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